The North Dublin Community Care Service is a free & confidential community-based support service in north county Dublin for people who are experiencing problems with their own or a loved one’s drug and/or alcohol use.

Making the First Step!…  To start off with you could phone us for a chat to see what we are all about.  We will invite you to call in to us for a talk in private, we will listen to you about the drug/alcohol issues affecting you and give you information on our service and other local supports available to you without any expectation of commitment on your part!  If you decide that you want to spend a bit more time with us to look at making some changes in your life, you will be assigned your own Case Worker.  Your Case Worker will be the person you link with all the time and, together, you will work out a really good plan to improve things in your life over time.

The North Dublin Community Care Service is all about YOU:  you decide what you want to get out of it!  And don’t forget – It’s Free and Confidential!  So give us a call!!


The Service provides free & confidential advice and support around drug and alcohol use to both adults and under 18s (SASSY, Substance Abuse Service Specific to Youth, Counselling) and family members.  We can help you look at what is going on in your life, what areas you would like to improve and we can support you in achieving those changes!

So what does that look like?  What will happen once you make the initial contact with us?  Once you have called or emailed us you will be asked to call in for an initial meeting.  Following on from that initial meeting, if you wish, you will be linked with one of our Case Workers who will meet with you regularly to support you in working out and following a plan, refer you into other supports or services you may need (for example housing, treatment or family support), and provide other supports such as counselling etc. if you want that.

Most importantly the Service provides a private, confidential space where you are sure of a warm welcome, a cup of tea and non-judgmental help and support in addressing drug and alcohol related issues in your life!

The Service is for anyone in North Dublin (see map) whose drug or alcohol use is causing them problems, be they an adult or under 18.  The Service can also give support to anyone in North Dublin who is affected by another’s drug or alcohol use (for example family/partner).




Advice: we can advise on the potential options available

Assessment: we can help you look at what is going on in your life and what areas you would like to improve

Key Working: we can link you to a Case Worker who can meet with you regularly and begin to help you make plans to make your life more manageable

Referrals: as part of helping you with your plans we may link you to other supports or services

Under 18 Substance Use Counselling: we have an under 18’s Addiction Counsellor on site via the Substance Abuse Service Specific to Youth (SASSY).

The following can be provided:

  • One to one counselling
  • Family Sessions
  • Psychiatric Assessment and support around mental health or self-harm issues


Adult Counselling: counselling for adults affected by their own or someone else’s substance use. Family Counselling can also be provided

Family Support: we can refer you to other family supports and programmes

Treatment: if you feel you need it we can help you identify specialist treatment options



The service welcomes contact from all sources so you can refer yourself simply by calling us or emailing us.  Also other professionals (for example a doctor, social worker or other support worker) can also refer a person with their consent.  The main office is located in Swords Village but support can be provided across the North Dublin region as required.

In addition, the Under 18s Counselling (SASSY) Team operate from Balbriggan 1 day a week.



If you have any queries at all or wish to make a referral (incl self-referral) please call the Service’s Case Manager, Vince Rellis, on 01 813 1786 or email info@ndublincare.ie .



Unit 25, Town Centre Mall, Swords Village, Co. Dublin

Ph: (01) 813 1786