Family Support Services

Family Support Specialist

This service can help support you if you/your family are coping with a family member’s drug or alcohol use, and you live in the north county Dublin area.  If you would like to chat with Siobhan, please call 01 813 1786 or email The family support service is free and confidential.

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program takes the guesswork out of parenting. It is one of the few parenting programmes in the world with evidence to show it works for most families. There are four ‘discussion groups’ and each group is only two hours long. The four groups are: Dealing with Disobedience; Managing Fighting and Aggression; Hassle-free Shopping with Children; Bedtime Routines. You can sign up for one, two, three or all four of the groups, they are funded by the Task Force and so free of charge to you. They are open to people caring for children aged 2 to 12 years.

If you are interested in attending a Triple P group, or would like more information please call or email Karen (01 813 1786 or

Drug Debt Intimidation Programme

Drug users and their families can be intimidated by drug dealers to pay drug debt.  This can be very frightening and often it is hard to know what to do.  In response to this intimidation and to support those people experiencing it, the National Family Support Network and the Garda National Drug Unit established the Drug Debt Intimidation Programme.  If you are experiencing intimidation to repay your own or another’s drug debt you can contact a Garda Inspector in a completely confidential, no obligation way, for support.  Please call 01 836 5168, visit or view the info leaflet here.

Family Support Group

You can get in touch with the National Family Support Network by calling 01 898 0148 or 01 558 9628, email or visit If you are affected by someone’s drug/alcohol use and are in the North Co Dublin area you can contact the North Dublin Community Care Service for support on 01 813 1786 or email